Painly is the first social and machine intelligence network for pain, to heal through shared connection and discovery.

Pain in many ways is a team sport, a social process, a navigation of science, relationships and emotion.


"Pain is a social science as much as science itself."

-  Drew Bartkiewicz, Founder and CEO of Patriapps, Inc.

 Some of the life's greatest pains are best addressed together.  Painly unlocks the first PainPals network for chatting, learning and healing through the collective power of human knowledge and artificial intelligence.



Painly was founded on the principles of Patriapps, Inc and professionals in the medical, psychological and data science fields. 

Painly started with a basic premise: What is most personal can be connected and curated to become the most universal.  And what is more universal than pain?

 Painly arose from the global conversation as something the world needs and has developed into the fastest growing learning system to crowd source pain and wellness through social and machine aided personalization.

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We are smarter than me

Whether you want navigate your life’s pains, or help someone navigate their own, Painly offers real time learning through personalized content, machine intelligence and a PainPals engine to invite connections when you want them.

Painly socializes pain easily and openly, so we can all get smarter for whatever pain attaches to our lives. The network also infuses artificial intelligence to accelerate training your brain for pain. The members of Painly range from patients, to teens, to caregivers to medical providers.

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